Monday, November 16, 2009

Too much information? Probably.

Because life is more about the journey

Born February 17th, 1981 in Sidney, Australia, whilst my parents where circumnavigating the globe on their sailboat "Southern Cross". Named Camiguin after a beautiful island in the Philippines and Piper after the marina where our boat was moored.

On my way to visit the Komodo Dragons, which begs me to question whether watching giant lizards rip into a fresh goat constituted as desensitization in 1981.

 "One of these these things is not like the others..." Hanging out with my friends in TY Court, Bangkok, Thailand.  My parents taught at Bangkok International School for two years.

Have passport, will travel. Begrudgingly.

 Checking out the catch of the day.  Yes, the cute chubby one is my brother, but hey let's stay focused here.  This relationship could also be illustrated by a picture that fortunately never was taken.  It involves a baby in a crib, an urge to go #2 and a very jealous and nimble big sister.

Because someone had to address the effects of salt water on Grandpa's hair.

My 3rd birthday just off the coast of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.  My mother set the bar pretty high with homemade party hats and a German chocolate cake from scratch.

I spent most of adolescence with my nose in a book, which hopefully explains what you see here in terms of personal grooming...

...and the rest of my time in a ballet studio or on stage.

In college, I honed my culinary skills and sense of humor.  Additionally, I managed to walk away with a degree in creative writing with the encouraging words of a professor, "there is no job called writer" ringing in my ears.

 Met my dream guy and married him despite concerns that he seemed a little too perfect.  "Are you sure he is not a serial killer?"

Yes, I am sure.

January 31st, 2008 our precious Pearl is born.  I promptly place her in a clam shell and take her picture, savoring the symbolism.  My husband looks on wondering if his mere presence can implicate him in this abusive act.

But as it turns out she has no problem with the spotlight.

This blog is my reminder to live each day grateful for what I have and to look to each new day as an opportunity for discovery.


Anonymous said...

Hi Piper,
This may sound strange but my girl friend who I think went to highschool with you forwarded me your blog. She told me your blog reminded her of me and thought I would enjoy it. Well needless to say I did and will continue to. But here is the strange part of it all... your wedding photo I recognized from an article in Seattle Bride Mag back in '06. Is that in fact you from the article? I know this is crazy but I liked your article so much that even though at the time I wasn't engaged I tore it out and kept it for future inspiration. Last year I got married and sure enough pulled out your article (if in fact it is you)and scanned/emailed it out to my bridesmaids... giving them the option to all wear any shade of green and in any style for the wedding! Green is my fav color. Anyway, my husband and I are hoping to start trying for a baby in the next year and you better believe that ikea 'diaper station' will come in handy! So thank you for that! I normally don't make comments or even read blogs but had to send you a note. Best wishes and kudos on all your amazing creativity. - Sonya

Camiguin Piper Foster said...

Hi Sonya, thank you so much for your comment, it is so encouraging! Yes, that was me in Seattle Bride. I love that you used the bridesmaid dress idea, nothing worse then making your friends spend a bundle on a dress they will never wear again. Thanks for taking time to read my blog and I hope it can continue to be a source of inspiration for you. Happy Holidays!

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