Tuesday, November 17, 2009

“Are you there Blog? It’s me, Piper”

Please tell me that you read this book when you were in 6th grade. You know the book that was always checked out at the school library, with the spine bent in a few choice places. Oh Judy Blume, you knew we needed someone to address our prepubescent curiosities. We opened the book a child, timid and unsure, and closed it a woman, self-aware and “in the know”. Why did I wake up at 4:30am with this thought in my head? Maybe it’s because I am having that feeling again. You know that “I am standing on the precipice of something great” feeling. I know that in this blog there will be discovery, growth, and the beginning of something. So here I go, nervously making my way up to the librarian’s desk, fumbling with my library card, the hurdles we must navigate in the quest for knowledge. "Mumble, mumble, thank you” shuffle shuffle…audible sigh of relief all fear quickly erased by the sheer ecstasy that is turning that first page!

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