Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If you build it, they will come... and laze about for a really long time

Maybe you're thinking, "that is so sweet, they built a winter wonderland for their daughter."
But the reality is that the kid is just an excuse for us to continue a tradition that was started long before she was a twinkle... well you know how the saying goes.

Every year we get out the white lanterns and gauze from our wedding, my embarrassingly large collection of white lace table clothes (thrift store finds) and drape them across the ceiling with whatever lights happen to be working. Next year I plan to do this project (I live in Seattle after all) to add another dimension to the fantasy. The piece de resistance is "the weekender". What is this you might ask? Well, we take the guest bedroom mattress and plunk it on the floor of the playroom (this usually only occurs for a night or two on an occasional weekend, but during Christmas it gets an extension). This way we can gaze up at the snowy sky, go to sleep with the light of the Christmas tree shining through the french doors and can, gasp... watch movies while horizontal. While we would never do anything as horrible as having the boob tube in the bedroom we are completely comfortable moving the bedroom to the boob tube.

Don't mind the naked bee, she is just buzzing about making herself known.


So today I am just lazing about on the weekender saying goodbye to our winter wonderland and storing my favorite memories of the season.  The tree is so brittle it is about to go up in flames, I have become a little to dependent on my afternoon naps, and reality is sinking in that if I want this to continue to be a novelty we will have to eventually say goodbye, until next year.



Lisa said...

I'm so glad you're blogging! I can't wait to add you to my google reader!

lacy rain said...

Plus, now when you have guests over, they get to sleep with the whole family, in the living room! I can attest to this fact, best house to be a guest at for sure!

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