Thursday, January 21, 2010

Small changes are good for your soul and wallet

One of the things I have been challenging myself to do lately is to make changes, no matter how small, that keep me on the path to my goals.  Case and point: instead of lamenting over the kitchen I do not have I am trying to see what adjustments I can make now that will make its presence more enjoyable.  I am learning to not only be content with the process but enjoy it as well. So, this would be the first step, stay tuned there will be much more to come!

I do not like you black plastic handles.  Also, why am I covering up all my pretty dishes which make me infinitely more happy than you, Ikea cabinet doors?  You don't need to talk to yourself like this, I just find it helpful in exposing the obvious.

So today I am not going to worry about patching the holes and deciding on a paint color for my "new" hanging cabinets.  I am not going to obsess over the wrought iron paper towel holder that is drilled into the grout and is so not me.  I am simply going to enjoy things just as they are because today I am a little further along then I was yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

So much better! Love your dishes, too.

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