Monday, February 15, 2010

"All seasons of the year are nice, for eating Chicken Soup with Rice" -Maurice Sendak

I seriously thought that I might make it.

I was starting to believe that I might see March without having the dreaded winter cold.   My naiveté was met with a swift slap across the face.  So, with Pearl and I hacking up a lung and trying to simultaneously garner sympathy from one another (which doesn't work) I made this most fabulous healing soup. 

You have got to love a recipe that has "Creamy" in the title but is from Cooking Light.  My friend Julie turned me on to it years ago and it is the BEST healthy soup that I have ever had.  


Another reason that I love it is because I usually have most of the ingredients on hand.  Rosemary in my yard, baby carrots and red onion that are about to turn in the fridge and wild rice and chicken stock in my pantry.  It makes me feel resourceful.

There are only 2 tsp. of butter in this bad boy and the creaminess comes from 2% milk and a bit of flour.  Creaminess without cream? Huh?

Make this soup.  I (sniffle) lub it. And so dub Pearl (who still makes me call her "Maria" from the Nutcracker).

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