Monday, March 22, 2010

Embracing the nakedness of industrial design

Industrial design elements have finally made it into the mainstream.  From light fixtures, to exposed beams and piping it is hard to open up a magazine without seeing its prevalence in the design community.  One reason I love it is because it integrates so well with any style.

  I love this kitchen from Farmhouse Modern. The open shelves and kitchen island made from pipes still manage to evoke the warmth of a country kitchen.

This space from Home Design Find is able to integrate raw materials with the warmth of cozy chairs, to create an area that looks lived in rather than sterile.  

Even more mainstream stores like Z Gallerie are carrying industrial light fixtures.  And you would not believe the treasures to be found when you search industrial decoration or industrial lighting on Etsy!

How can you add industrial design elements to your home?  
My brother and his fiance used large beams and exposed bolts to create bar that is both functional and beautiful to look at.

There is a great tutorial on how to recreate this bed made from plumbing pipes at Apartmenttherapy.

This project from DIY Ideas uses plywood and threaded rods to creating hanging shelves that keep the clutter off the floor.

I think that there is something really beautiful about showcasing raw materials.  Of course the pendulum will swing back again and designers will call for ornate lamp shades to cover all the bare light bulbs but for now I rather like the nakedness of industrial design.

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EmClare said...

Great post - love the images you chose!

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