Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My First (and last) Wall Mural

I am two months away from my due date and have entered the nesting period.  Up until this point that has translated into lots gardening.  However, I am finally starting to tackle some indoor projects, the first being Pearl's playroom.  Before painting the walls I decided to address the unused fireplace because I have had a plan for it for some time.

 I always struggle with what to put on the mantle and in the fireplace...and it shows.

 I have always thought it could be a cute focal point in the room but it wasn't until I came across this project that I was truly inspired.

I found a tree shape I liked on Off the Wall.

And borrowed one of Pearl's washable markers to roughly sketch it out.  If you are a perfectionist you could make a transparency of the picture and project it onto the wall to trace.  If you are me, you look at the picture, start drawing, and thank God for washable markers.

I have had this bucket of silver paint for a long time and am so happy that I finally found a use for it.  This is after the first coat and I'm guessing it is going to need several more.  After I am done with the painting I am going to add leaves and birds; either out of vintage wallpaper like the tree from Enfant Terrible or scrapbooking paper...not sure yet.  Other plans I have are for an mirrored owl and flower box in the fireplace.  I will keep you posted!


EmClare said...

LOVE this, Camiguin! By the looks of your start, Pearl's playroom may end up everyone's favorite room of your home...

ptacklind said...

i love it! can't wait to see the finished product. will you just glue the wall paper on? does it still well to brick? i suppose you'll find out. it sounds awesome!

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