Sunday, May 2, 2010

Floating Nightstands for the Allergy Kid

Have I mentioned that I am the allergy kid?  Nicknamed "The Fog Horn" in college I have suffered both ridicule and congestion for far too long.  So, I am changing my ways and trying to de-clutter our house so that there are less places for the dust to hide.  I am serious about this people.  We bought a Shark steam mop (which rules by the way) and I am literally lifting furniture off the floor. 
Case in point: My ever growing stack of books and nightstand house a colony off dust bunnies (and you know how fast bunnies multiply).  I have refrained from showing Steve's side of the bed because he didn't sign up for full disclosure.  Today I had the brainstorm to turn two Ikea crates we had into floating nightstands. 
A few screws later and I am practically dancing with my steam mop. 

Matching nightstands.  Dreams really do come true.  I still need to find a window covering and some bedside lights; but I am breathing out of both nostrils so life is pretty much perfect right now.


aimee said...

You are so handy and crafty. I think I am going to need your help in the coming months :)

It's A Riot said...

I am a BIG fan of wood crates/boxes being attached to walls like this. Mike made a few at work and brought them home as "spice racks" for the kitchen.

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