Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feathered Headbands

Feathered headbands are a popular trend right now and while they are plentiful on Etsy.com I thought it would be fun to make my own to save some money. The first example is one that I made for my daughter Pearl and it requires a needle, thread, and fabric glue. The second is an option for achieving the look if you are the sort that requires a band-aid after a sewing project!

1.) I decided to go with stretch lace because it has a lot of flexibility and the edges were already finished. I bought the feathers at the fabric store but if you are looking for something more unique or higher in quality there are many more options online. Measure your head and be sure to make it snug because the lace will stretch over time. After you have sewn the ends together it is time to play with the feathers and any other elements that you want to include. I have a lot of vintage buttons so I decided to sew one on after I had used the fabric glue to attach my feathers. The finished project was darling and durable enough for Pearl to take on and off herselfover and over again:)

2.) Here is the no sew way to achieve this look. I used the same stretch lace but instead of sewing it I tied it in the back. Then I picked out some feathers and fastened them to the lace with a hair clip that I got at H&M for a few dollars. Another fun way to change this look up is to use vintage clip-on earrings or broaches as the feather fastener. 

All said and done this project cost me under $20 and I have two headbands and plenty of extra material to work with.

Note to self:  next time keep giant bag of feathers out of Pearl's reach.  I am still finding them floating around the house. 


Anonymous said...

Piper, I just saw that Stacy posted a link to your blog on her facebook- this is an amazing site! I love DIY projects and love this headband idea- might be a last minute stocking stuffer for me to make for my sisters :) LOVE the blog. Definitely will pass it around to my crafty friends. Hope all is well with you and your wonderful family. Merry Christmas. xoxo Maggie Liebsack

Piper said...

Hi Maggie, thanks so much for your comment, I am so glad you like the site! If you ever have any projects that you would like to share pass them onto me because I would love to put them on Piper's Pearls. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

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