Thursday, December 10, 2009

A light lunch to offset all the cookies I ate.

While this meal might seem more appropriate for a hot day my body is going into hibernation early due to inclement weather and Christmas cookie consumption and I am craving something that will revive my palate.  Fresh spring rolls are a fixture in many Thai and Vietnamese restaurants and it occurred to me recently that they would be easy and inexpensive to make at home.  The great thing is that fresh rolls are more of a method rather than a recipe, so if you have left-over chicken, or other vegetables not mentioned feel free to experiment!

Theses are the components that I used in my spring roll today but I should mention that I usually add lettuce as well.  When using rice noodles just follow the directions on the package and rinse with cool water.  Shrimp is also a common ingredient in fresh rolls.  To make it easier on yourself you can buy frozen precooked shrimp.  Just thaw what you need, pat dry and you're good to go.

Next fill a bowl with warm water from your faucet.  Soak the wrappers one at a time, it only takes a few seconds. Carefully remove from the bowl and onto a dish towel to drain for a second then spread it out on your work space.  If your wrapper gets crumpled put it back into the water for a second and it will release.

So now the fun begins.  Layer on your fillings just the way you like them.  I have done this as an appetizer where I prep all the elements and guests make their own.  It is fun and interactive.

I like to dip my rolls in sweet chili sauce which is sold everywhere, even Trader Joes has a brand.  A meal like this reminds me that the process can be just as rewarding as the result!

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aimee heff said...

Yummy. I feel hungry now. I bet they taste really good too.

Great pictures.

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