Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bringing the outside in with driftwood

I found this piece of driftwood while beach combing at my cabin in the San Juans and decided to put it to use in my house. Right now I am using it in my bedroom as a much needed place to hang scarves and jewelry but here are two other fun ways it could be used.

Displaying collections doesn't have to be tacky. By picking a few items that compliment each other you can avoid clutter and really enjoy what you have. I displayed Pearl's collection of handcrafted Mexican dresses and for another example I put together a grouping of treasures from our travels in Asia.

I love the idea of using natural elements in a bathroom and this is one idea that I plan on using someday when we have our own master bath, a girl can dream, right?

Remember, anytime you are drilling into a wall make sure to find the stud or use drywall screws that are rated to the necessary weight.

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