Monday, January 25, 2010

An easy project with a big payoff. I am all about the glory.

I would by no means consider myself a "crafter", my relationship with my sewing machine is tenuous and glue and glitter often make me swear.  I am however, always down for an easy project with a big payoff.  Yes folks, I am all about the glory...just kidding...kind of.  Because it turned out to be useful for a lot of things, I am not quite sure what to call it.  What it is, is a Case Logic reversable laptop sleeve all dressed up with fabric and vintage buttons. 

Looks cute as a clutch.

Makes a $12 laptop case look...less like a $12 case.

My purpose for this project was to create a traveling chef's kit for a good friend who loves to travel and cook.  With the popularity of home exchanges and vacation home rentals it makes sense to have a go-to bag with things that you can't live without in the kitchen.   I used the laptop case as bag to hold cooking tools I purchased from Crate and Barrel.  The squishiness of the case protects the tools and you can print recipes, slide them in, fold up the bottom and tuck it in, creating a compact case. 


lacy rain said...

Is it for me?

aimee said...

Smart cookie! I had never even thought about that but always complain on trips when I don't have my cooking stuff.

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