Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Make your own headboard (because we have been out of college for awhile now)

Is it just me or do beds get not only bigger but higher as we get older?  Case and point: my husband was sleeping on a single bed mattress on the floor when I met him.  And I am not going to name names but I know of some peeps that used air-mattresses to the point of deflation.  Nothing worse then being the heavier person sharing one of those puppies, you always end up on the floor.  But as we get older we acquire things like a bed frame from value village or a mattress that comes with a box-spring (you mean there were supposed to be two this whole time?) and before you know it you have a grown-up bed.  So, while we had reached this milestone we were devoid of charm and cash flow. This project was our solution.

There are a lot of great ideas out there, check out here and here to get your creativity flowing.

**NutCRACKer News Flash**  Yesterday I got my hair cut for the first time in many moons.  Pearl insisted on bringing her little Nutcracker doll and we obliged, evoking the spirit of "What About Bob?" repeating the mantra, "baby steps".  While I got my haircut Steve chased Pearl around and when I presented "the new me" to them pausing for dramatic affect and allowing Pearl time to say, "so pretty mama" I was met instead with this, "Nutcracker needs a haircut mama".  Yes, it is true, he has not only tufts of white hair on his head but also a beard which, Pearl felt, had become rather unkempt.  And would you believe Nutcracker got to stand in front of the mirror and get a trim, free of charge?  Thanks for adding another log to the fire buddy!

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lacy rain said...

Seriously? At Rudy's of all places, a hairstylist actually offered to give a NUTCRACKER a trim? That is too much. I heart Pearly pants so much.

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