Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Heart Korean BBQ

To me it is a carnivore's delight, perfectly seasoned meat paired with spicy and sweet side dishes, it just doesn't get any better than this.  We love to go out for Korean BBQ but have also found ways to enjoy it from home as well. 

Trader Joe's pulls through once again.  $7 and it feeds an army.

We like to support our local Korean market and pick up side dishes like: kimchi made of cabbage and diakon, spicy fish cakes, and potato salad.  There are many more so I suggest going to a restaurant first and seeing what you like.

One of my favorite ways to eat Korean BBQ is in a lettuce leaf with this onion salad called pajori.

This gorgeous photo comes via Gourmet and illustrates a fabulous article about the Korean taco phenomenon.  We have a truck in Seattle which I am chomping at the bit to visit but until then I plan to try out some of the recipes in the article like the Napa-Romaine slaw.  If my cornucopia above scared you a little these recipes might be a great way to get your palate adjusted to Korean flavors.

And now I must go visit the fridge to forage for leftovers!


Stacy said...

Kristian is so excited to know that trader joes now has bool kogi. Me too..... :)

Jamee said...

um YUMMY!!!

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