Monday, January 11, 2010

Travel Guide: Puglia, Italy

Have you heard of Puglia?  I believe that it is the most undiscovered region of Italy and I love it so much just the way it is that I struggle with letting the cat out of the bag.  But generosity overcomes me, you have to go!

For six years I was a nanny for these two amazing kids.

In 2006 one of my bosses made a fabulous Independent film called Expiration Date and one of the many film festivals it played at was the Salento Interantional Film Festival 

Using this road trip guide from Cookies magazine we went on the most amazing adventure through a region of Italy I had never given a second thought to. Literally everything we did was unforgettable; the flavors, smells, and storybook vignettes are and will forever be ingrained in me.

Even though this itinerary comes from a parenting magazine it would equally as enjoyable for an adult only trip, yes it is that good!

Here are some highlights from our two weeks in the heel of the boot.



Andrew and Amber said...

I recognize several of your pictures. My parents lived in "the heal of the boot" for about 3 years- close to Brindisi. We went back in 2004. It was amazing! Loving your blog. Wishing I was half as creative as you. I might need you to come help my house.

Andrew and Amber said...

okay I wrote heal. but meant heel. woops!

aimee said...

Dreamy trip! The pictures are amazing.

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