Monday, February 22, 2010

"Free" + a little sweat equity = One pretty little china cabinet

Free stuff is usually ugly.  I have found this to be true 90% of the time.  BUT before you scoff and turn up your nose make sure you suss out its potential.  For example, my parents moved into a new condo a couple years back and the furniture came with it.   They then turned around and tried to pawn it all off on me.  I wanted to say no, but I needed a china cabinet.

I decided this piece was salvageable because: 1.  It had "good bones"; made out of solid wood and with good craftsmanship.  2.  I liked the shape and new that the things I hated (hardware and finish) could be changed.

I used the same white for the exterior as I did on the dining room chairs.  I think that is worthwhile to experiment and find a white that you love enough to consistently use in your house.  I painted the inside a pale green so my mostly white china would pop.

I think I have already said this a millions times but here I go again.  Changing out hardware can dramatically change the look of a piece.  Don't be afraid to mix and match colors as long as they tie into the other decor in the room.

So next time your aunt Myrtle asks if you want some of her old furniture take a peek and imagine the potential.


ptacklind said...

i love this! well done. my sister in law kirsty recommended your blog to me and i definitely plan on returning! really fun stuff. thanks for sharing!

Camiguin Piper Foster said...

Thanks for reading Patty! Your neighbors garden is truly inspirational, my yard needs some serious help.

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