Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flowers for the soul

Fresh flowers make me happy.  Especially, when my coat is soggy, my skin is dry, and my spirits correlate with the weather (I live in Seattle).  Fresh flowers are also expensive, dang it.  No matter what they will always be a splurge but by knowing what flowers last the longest, are the cheapest, and can have the biggest impact you at least aren't throwing money down the drain.

Here are some of my tips:

Purchase cheap glass containers at places like Ikea.  These small vases can double as candle holders. 

Create interest by combing different heights and grouping flowers by color. 

Invest in flowers that are going to last; they are usually the cheapest.  Peonies, roses, lilies, flowering branches, Mums, carnations and gladiolas will give you the most bang for your buck.  For more info on making your flowers last, take a look here.

Use free stuff like; rocks, sticks, leaves, and pine cones in or around your arrangements.  I used rocks I collected at the beach to stabilize the lily and add texture to this arrangement.

Divide and conquer.  I love to break up a grocery store bouquet into my little vases and scatter them around the house.  Then, if I am in the mood for a bigger impact I can easily bring them all together on my dining room table.  

So, don't pick your neighbors flowers, invest in a few blooms of your own and see if it helps take you to your "happy place".

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