Friday, February 5, 2010

Find your inner Yogi

I just came back from Yoga at the YMCA. 

A little bit of this...

A touch of this...and man I am feeling one with my body.

I kid. Obviously.

It was little more like this.
I was actually at family Yoga with Pearl. I am reading your mind right now and you are thinking, "how relaxing" (sarcastic voice).  Yes, Pearl sang in a loud 2 year old voice during meditation and occasionally there was a 22 lb weight on my back in upward dog but I have got to say I still feel rejuvenated. 

I have practiced these three styles of Yoga over the years; Ashtanga (changed my body), Bikram (Speedos are apparently not just for swimming), and Vinyasa (great intro to Yoga that won't bore you).
And now I practice in the main ring with Pearl the clown.

In all seriousness I have found that my mind as well as my body needs this time.  I have been having trouble sleeping lately because I can't seem to clear my mind.  For me meditation is about just being with my body, the moment I try to not to think, I snap back into reality.  

Let me illustrate.
How I love thee nothingness.  
So, my point is that you should try Yoga.  And please don't just try it once, keep looking until you find a style that works for you.

Now back to more pressing matters like: what is really going on here?

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