Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day fabric heart garland

 I have an addiction to textiles.  Which is weird because I find the fabric store to be the most infuriating place in the world.  It brings out the not so flattering aspects of my personality.  So, I opt for buying online which is really safer for everyone.  This project stemmed from my ever growing collection of fabric scrapes. 

I ended up with so many hearts that I think I will end up restringing them onto two ribbons so I can spread the love around the house.

The first thing I did was pin the fabric to card-stock and draw a heart on the back. 

I used the heart as my guide on the sewing machine, telling myself that it was ok if they turned out looking more whimsical than uniform.  Next, I cut out the hearts with pinking shears.

Finally, I used a razor blade to make slits for the ribbon to pass through.  As always, I encourage you to use what you have, so if you seem to accumulate wrapping or scrapbook paper this would be a great project to put it to use.

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