Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A cell phone for Valentine's Day. Really?

It's Valentine's week, which means, men are busy buying chocolates, ordering flowers, pricing jewelry, and according to Verizon Wirless, buying the woman they love cell phones? It is enough to make me wish I had my own Avatar to escape it all.  Am I the only woman out there that finds this a little repulsive?  I want to be appreciated, I love a thoughtful gift, but things seem to have gotten out of hand.  Here is my Valentine's challenge: Make a meal for someone you love.  

Is it possible that we have forgotten the simple beauty in sitting down and just "being" with one another?

Because Valentine's Day shouldn't be the only day we express, love, appreciation, vulnerability, etc.  And I am not just talking about romantic love.  Maybe it is time you made your dog some homemade dog food and had a heart to heart over candlelight (you animal lovers do that kind of thing, right?).

For me there is so much symbolism in cooking a meal for someone.  Marinated Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Red Pepper Salsa actually says, "I thought about what you would love, created it for you, to share with you, in order to show you how much you mean to me."

 Something that I can not take credit for in this series of pictures but was (and often am) the grateful recipient of.

Here is to love and all the many ways it can be expressed!

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