Monday, March 15, 2010

Eating in and out in Sayulita, Mexico

I went on a vacation.  A vacation from rain, schedules, and this blog.  A big thanks to my soon to be sister-in-law for having us along to celebrate the big 30!

I don't know about you but whenever I travel somewhere I read all the forums to find the best food, accommodations, and activities.  Having been to Sayulita (a hippie surfing town 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta) a number of times I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite eats.

Going out
Great drinks on the beach.  My virgin pina colada was sublime (painfully non-alcoholic but sublime).

Burrito Revolucion The first time we ate here was because it was the equivalent of the "cool kids" lunch table.  But the burritos are amazing, especially when doused in one of their three spicy sauces.

This place is amazing.  Watch an Italian couple make your pasta before it arrives on your plate.  The pizzas are thin crusted goodness baked in a clay oven.  Oh, and if you have forgotten what a real tomato tastes like the caprese is a must.

The Churro man.  I heart him.  But he is elusive, there one night and then gone the next.  He sets up shop in the back of his truck as close to the town square as he can find a parking spot.  Crispy on the outside and molten goodness on the inside.  Help me.

Oh, and I would be remiss not to mention Panino's Bakery.  I had breakfast here almost every morning.  Chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls, chewy bagels and most amazing fruit tarts.  Most baked goods in Mexico are beautiful to look at but are made with lard, which I find leaves an unpleasant film on my tongue but Panino's uses butter and it is oh, so delicious.  Also, if you like Baja style fish tacos you have to go to Sayulita Fish Taco we usually eat there several times during the week.

Staying in.

If you have kitchen I recommend staying in a couple nights and taking advantage of all the great produce Mexico has to offer.  I usually bring some recipes that use ingredients that aren't as readily available at home.  I came up with this recipe trying to remake the mangodillas served at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Seattle.

(Inspired by Agua Verde in Seattle)

Flour tortillas
two chicken breasts
one poblano pepper
 jar of Salsa verde
unaged Manchego cheese (Latin market) or use Jack or mozzarella

serves 4 main course or 8 as appetizers

To cook chicken I brown in olive oil on both sides, add some water to the pan, put a lid on and steam until done about 10-15 min.

Put them on a plate in the fridge until they are cool enough to shred with your hands.

To roast a poblano you can set it right on the flame until all sides are blackened or you can put it under the broiler in your oven.  Put the pepper in a paper bag, rolling it closed so the steam can't get out.  Wait until the pepper is cool enough to touch, peel off the skin (this will be easier now that the trapped steam has loosened the skin) and dice the pepper.

Heat olive oil in a pan and saute a chopped onion.  Add the chicken, diced peppers, and salsa verde.  I cook this on medium heat for about 5 minutes until all the flavors are incorporated.

To put your mangodilla together layer the chicken, cheeses, cilantro and mango between two tortillas.  Fry them up over medium high heat, making sure the cheeses has melted before you flip (or you will have a big mess).
I served my mangodillas with guacamole, salsa, chips and fresh fruit.

Sayulita is beautiful little town that happens to have amazing food.  I recommend you at least visit if you are staying in Puerto Vallarta.  The bus will set you back $2.50.

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aimee said...

Looks dreamy. I wish I had a getaway coming up to a tropical location.

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