Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mediterranean Chicken Chopped Salad

Back in the 90s (can't believe I am saying that) a salad was always thought to be the healthy option on the menu.  We now know that; doused in fattening dressing, cheese, and comprised of mostly iceberg lettuce we probably should have just got a burger.  Here is one of my favorite lunch time salads that is low in fat and calories but big in nutrition and flavor.

Mediterranean Chicken Chopped Salad
(sorry no amounts, I just eyeball it)

cherry tomatoes
English cucumber
yellow pepper
red onion
chicken breast (I buy a whole roasted chicken and use it for different recipes)
 crumbled herbed feta (if using plain feta I add a Mediterranean spice blend)
half a lemon
tablespoon of olive oil
sprinkle of pepper

Serve with a dollop of hummus and toasted pita

It is amazing how much more filling a salad is when you take out the lettuce and add more vegetables.  The lemon juice gives it a brightness and the feta packs a whole lot of flavor.


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ClassiclyAmber said...

I've always loved a good chicken 'n salad and this looks DELISH!

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