Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I love a wedding reception that serves street food.

Last year we went to a wedding for the two gorgeous people pictured below.  There were many elements that made it unique but I can't seem to stop thinking about the taco truck that pulled up around 11pm.  Why am I still thinking about it?  I missed it. Momma was shaking her groove thang on the dance floor and must have been too self consumed to smell the carnitas. 
I must expose this most genius idea.  Brilliant, Reagan and Julie.

My brother and his fiance are contemplating a twist on this same concept.  Veraci Pizza will set up their pizza oven at your wedding.  Perfect for dinner for a smaller crowd or as a late night snack for those that have been burning calories on the dance floor.

How about the having the Paella King come and serve food whose preparation alone is entertainment.

I found this picture on wedding planner, Jean Marks' blog I love that this bride and groom got an ice cream truck and better still passed out the ice cream themselves!

As usual, my mantra is, "think outside of the box".

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