Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wire Nest with Newspaper Birds

I got this bee in my bonnet about making a wire bird's nest.  My dad has this spool of old rusted wire that for some reason I find very appealing.  I keep calling him, "you know that wire I borrowed before, can I have some more of it?". 

Wire Nest with Newspaper Birds
If you don't have access to some old wire, use new wire and spray it brown.  Form your nest, making sure to create kinks and loops to give it a more organic shape.

Now begin to fill in your nest.  I used what I had around; feathers, ribbon, jute twine, spanish moss and leaves.  There are so many options.  Another idea I had was to weave in all my colorful ribbons but my house is already so full of color that I decided to go with a more monochromatic color scheme.

Draw some bird shapes, double up your card stock and cut them out.  Next, tear up some newspaper and glue or Mod Podge it onto the birds.  Make sure you decorate on opposite sides of each bird shape so that when you stick them together both sides are covered with newspaper.  Bend your wire into springs and stick them into a piece of floral sponge.

I concealed my floral sponge with spanish moss and attached the birds by gluing the corresponding bird shapes together over the wire.

Maybe if I do enough bird crafts it will help with my bird phobia?



lacy rain said...

I'm proud of you for working with your bird phobia with this exercise.

Alyssa said...

This is so cute!


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