Monday, March 1, 2010

Stress free brunch with Cinnamon Apple Cake and friends that do the dishes!

We all enjoy being surrounded by people we love but sometimes it feels like too much energy to have everyone over, plan the food, and clean up the house.  Hey, June Cleaver, snap out of it!  My college housemates like to get together every couple months for brunch, sometimes we go out and sometimes we have it at someone's house.  Everyone brings something, we talk while we are cooking, while we are eating, while we are cleaning up and usually in front of the door for awhile while "leaving".  As the host I made this incredible Cinnamon Apple Cake from Cooking Light,  broke up an arrangement of flowers into small vases, threw on my usual thrift store table clothes, and asked my husband to vacuum (I am the allergy queen).  That is it.  Maybe we have found the key to stress free entertaining!


I never turn down even the littlest of helpers.

Fresh flowers and simple food.

Because it is all about relationships.  Missed you girls that couldn't be here.

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lacy rain said...

Ahhh, look, we made the blog. My favorite part about the pictures of you and Pearl making the yummy coffee cake is that I was still sleeping...look at all the fun you had without me. Real Vanilla beans I mean come on! Thanks for such a great morning girls!

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