Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love me some trees!

I have told my husband on more than one occasion that the most important element of my dream home is a really gorgeous tree in the yard.  I am talking about the kind of tree that has branches that you can lay on reading a book, the kind of tree that transports you into a Jane Austin novel as you sit beneath its branches having a picnic.  But until then I will have to settle for some tree love inside the house.

This is my silver tree that I purchased at Pier 1 several years ago.  I love it so much that I keep it up all year round.  For Christmas I add silver balls but the birds stay, I love birds too...the fake kind...the real kind scare me.  I blame you Alfred Hitchcock.

Images Left to Right. Top Row: Domesticali, Blooms and Branches, Urban Outfitters. 
Bottom Row: Uncommonaccents, Dollar Store Crafts, PopWall.

The are so many great ways to brings tree indoors these days.  Decals are great way to make a big statement especially if you are renting and not allowed to paint.  The Etsy stores Uncommonaccents and PopWall have some really beautiful tree decals.  I also found a great site called Blooms and Branches where you can purchase branches to make your own indoor tree like mine.  If you are looking for a more understated homage to trees Urban Outfitters has branch curtain tie backs that I love.  In that is the Holiday season, I would be remiss not to show these two great examples of driftwood Christmas trees from Domesticali and Dollar Store Crafts.  Kind of makes me want to don a hat and mittens and go beach-combing.

Image by Lincoln Barbour

 I found a truly inspiring series of photographs of trees and branches as decor at Remodalista. I think that when we are able to bring nature indoors as art it helps us to take time to appreciate its beauty outdoors.

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aimee heff said...

Lovely ideas! I need to bring nature inside more and trees is an easy way.

There are some great decals at this online store too:

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