Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trying Out Martha Stewart's 5 Meals For 50.00

We are constantly trying to get our grocery bill down which is tough when, as Steve quipped last night, "food is a huge part of our relationship".  Indeed.  We found this article in the April issue Martha Stewart's Everyday Food and tucked it away mostly because we found it hard to believe.  Surprisingly, our grocery bill came to 54.00 even though we purchased some expensive organic products.  I would recommend getting the chicken at Costco because they have organic chicken for more reasonable prices than the grocery store.  Another plus with these meals is that they are made for four so we can eat the 2 extra portions for lunch the next day.  I have included the shopping list and all the recipes below.  Steve made the pasta with zucchini last night (out of order but I was craving pasta).  It was very good.  We decided when we make it again we will slice the zucchini a little thicker as some pieces got a little too crispy.  Also, we like more acid in our food so we would recommend adding the juice of the lemon not just zest.

I will give a recap at the end of the week but even if every dish doesn't make me do a dance the process is certainly an excellent reminder that a little planning can save you money and reduce waste.

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