Thursday, March 25, 2010

Saving money on wedding decorations is all about, location, location, location.

It is truly amazing how inconsequential decorations can become when you choose to have your wedding reception in a place that is already beautiful.  Yes, I am giving a great big shout out to mother nature.  Our golden ticket was going through Seattle Parks and Recreation to rent The Golden Gardens Bathhouse.  For 150.00 an hour this is quite the deal, especially when you consider the view.

                                                                              photo via pfly

So, before you make a deal with the Diablo (promising them you will use their caterer and cheesy DJ) check out your cities Parks and Rec to see if any of their venues tickle your fancy. 

And to further prove my point, here are some shots by Aubrey Joy Photography from my friend Carrie's beautiful outdoor wedding.
Lavender and hay bales?  Yes please. 

Another way to save on decor is by picking a venue with good bones. 

I loved the wood and steel beams, exposed brick and cement floor of our reception site.  Some lanterns, cheesecloth, and white lights added brightness without taking away from the beauty that was already there. And as you know from this post I am still using all my decorations.

Remember, things can get expensive when you are trying to distract from ugly carpet and outdated wallpaper.

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