Friday, March 26, 2010

Using up what's left in the fridge: Vitamin and Protein packed Mediterranean Steak Pita Pocket

I just read a truly fascinating article about the world of coupon clipping.  I knew this world existed but I had no idea how much money people save.  I hate to admit it but I don't think that I could commit to it like this couple does.  It often requires buying in bulk when the price is right, which not only leads to huge savings but a lot of food sitting around waiting to be consumed.  Speaking of food sitting around waiting to be consumed...this is an area that I feel passionate about.  When it comes to fresh produce and non-processed food it is easy to let things go bad in the fridge.  Maybe they are leftover ingredients from a recipe or you simply forgot about them.  In our house we (my husband and I share the cooking responsibilities) try to loosely plan meals so that everything gets used.  Sometime we fail, but we are getting better and it has encouraged us to eat healthier and be more creative in kitchen.

Mediterranean Steak Pita Pockets:
White Bean dip left over from this post

chopped red peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, herbed feta, lemon juice which I often eat for lunch like this or like this.

Steak from the freezer. I sliced a few pieces and cooked them with a bit olive oil, herbed sea-salt and black pepper.  The next day I finished the meat on a yummy steak sandwich.

A few basil leaves from my Mise en place.

Stuff it all into a toasted pita.  So delicious and it makes me feel good to know that nothing is going to waste in my fridge this week!

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